Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Moving time....

Hello gang,

I'm popping in to say that it's time for me to be moving on - I've got a new space over here at WordPress:


There are more changes on the way - new website, new yarns, new, well everything, and I'm still getting my head around a whole new blogging format, but I'm sure you'll bear with me during the renovations....

In the meantime, did someone say new yarns????

I hope to see you all over at my new home soon. Please say hi - I feel like I'm blogging into the void these days - it would be nice to know that someone is still reading!

There'll be yarn for sale soon, and tools, and patterns, and lots of good things. Slow and steady, she goes.

More to come,

Leah xxx

1 comment:

Penelope said...

So exciting! Can I strongly encourage you to think about setting up a sock club? (Any declarations I may have made about having 'enough' sock yarn can be safely disregarded.)

I finally did the sensible thing and dragged a skein of your MCN out of 'deep stash' the other day and started knitting a pair of Licorice Twist socks. It was becoming too precious to knit with, but that kind of thinking tempts fate, maybe even *gasp* moths.