Sunday, 18 April 2010

Steeking and Oats....

What more would you want to do with a Sunday?


The cardigan is coming along nicely - I'm knitting the hood right now, which is boring, but I can see it taking shape, which is also kind of amazing - I never knew that a hood was just the neck knit up all the way over your head - I thought there was some fancy shaping thing you had to do, but no!

Once again, a crafting fear proven to be far bigger in my head than real life. So often things are easier once you actually try them......

And the oats?

Sunday porridge

My first bowl of the season. Topped with that fancy golden syrup you buy that comes in the pretty old-worldy tin. It costs about three times as much, so luckily, it's tasty as well as pretty. Something not all expensive things can say, I imagine.

Before I go - a wee thanks for all the get-better wishes; all is well again around here, and I'm down to one hanky again. Before, I was having to wash and dry them halfway through the day. This from a woman who collects vintage linens, and has so many damn hankies she had to sew a bag to keep them all in. yup. Not pretty.

I hope you're all having a similarly restorative Sunday,


Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Come the middling season, and the first cold snap of the year so far, and I have arrived to the party true to form by sprouting a cold.

Now most people would collapse into bed in a snotty, watery mess, and indeed I have done, but being sick is one of those paradoxes that only knitters would understand.

See, when I'm home sick, I get to put on my favourite Crazy Cat Lady outfit:


Which consists of old cozy grandpa pyjamas, hand knitted socks, shawl and cardigan, and favourite soft old tshirt. It is imperative that none of these things shall match the other. A hat is also optional. I get to sit outside, tea in hand, hanky in the other, and watch the cat try to stalk lizards.

But above all of these things, I get lots of time to knit.

So knit I have done, accompanied by the first few episodes of United States of Tara, endless cups of tea, and the now non-limping cat, who has valiantly survived a week of antibiotics and missing claws.


I feel like shit, but it's good to have an up side, no?


Thursday, 8 April 2010


I'm feeling a bit crap today, so I've pulled out all the moping-around-the-house-in-a-grump cures......

There are biscuits in the oven, and I've been winding yarn:


It's Madelinetosh Vintage- the most beautiful sweater yarn known to man. So in addition to the jumper I am already knitting, I cast on this:

on the needles

Which will eventually become this......

(image stolen from the Madelinetosh website - you can visit the link above for the free pattern)

I don't usually cast on a project in the colour stated in the pattern, but who can resist that green?

So, my friends, I'm off to curl up with the cat (who is missing two claws after a near miss with a car today), and a cup of tea.

I may well eat peanut and choc chip biscuits for dinner. We'll see.

Love to all. xxx