Tuesday, 9 February 2010



MadelineTosh DK in Tart

Ruby Woo


Tomato Frog

The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Tomato Frog

It's been a red kind of week.

It's still hot as a bastard over here in South Australia - I keep looking at the photos of the snowstorms in the US and kind of wishing I was there - though I'm sure if I was I'd so cold I'd want to die.......

The crazy heat over here keeps the dangers of Summer in the front of your mind, and I want to take a minute to note that it's been a year since Black Saturday - let's hope we manage to get through this Summer without any horror or devastation.......

RIP Roslyn

I still miss the old girl, and I still forget that I'll never sleep in that house ever again.

In an effort to not leave this post on such a sad note, I want to report that the cardigan is finished, and as usual, I need to take some damn photos. She's pretty though, and worth the effort!

The Tart up there is on the needles right now - another cardigan in the making. Now that I've figured out how to cut my knitting in half, I'm all scissor happy - I even modified the current pattern so I would have to do it, which shows how much I despise purling..... ugh.

Now maybe I need just a little bit of snow? Just so I can try out my new woolies?

Take care out there, sweethearts...... xxxx

*Just a small apology - turns out all my comments have been going straight to my spam folder, and I've been missing a lot of you.... I'm going to try and rectify this, but if I haven't been in touch, I'm really sorry! *