Thursday, 31 December 2009


There was knitting.

Elizabeth Zimmermann Seamless Sweater

A cat.

winter with puzz

The Farm burnt down.

RIP Roslyn

I sewed.

autumn sewing

And learnt how to dye yarn.

hand dyeing

And how to knit jumpers.

WM jumper in Progress

And socks.

Sock in progress

I was published for the first time.

Meet Me at Mikes - the book

I drank lots of tea.

Breakfast Sunday

And ate lots of eggs.

only one left

There were two heatwaves.


I shaved my head.

newly bald

And then it grew back.

crazy cat lady

And right at the very end - a new nephew.

Fergus Patrick Lenehan

A good year, and a sad year, and like all the others, almost over.

Happy New Year everyone - see you on the other side.


Wednesday, 30 December 2009

'twas the Season......

Yep. Christmas has come and gone, and tomorrow is the last day of the year, which has taken me by complete surprise. What have I been doing? Sleepwalking?

Anyway, the last couple of weeks have been full to the brim, with a new baby just in time for Christmas:

Fergus Patrick Lenehan

No, he's not mine - Fergus Patrick belongs to my sister, and has already got the hang of talking to his Aunties on Skype - kids these days, eh?

Christmas Actual was spent in Victoria with my other sister & her mad, wonderful children - I managed to resuscitate a half drowned duck, eat half my body weight in food, watch numerous chapters of Bear in The Big Blue House (riveting stuff, a timeless classic), and plow my way through nine of those goddamn Sookie Stackhouse books...... all in all, a successful journey, me thinks...

Which brings me to the knitting.

Thank Fuck For Knitting.

When one has to catch a plane for an hour and a half, then a bus for twenty minutes, then wait for the train, then sit on said train for four hours before being unceremoniously ejected in the small-town train station of one's youth, and then repeat said process in reverse on the way home, adding in a five hour wait in Melbourne, plus a delayed plane, well, lets just say there was a LOT of this:

Thank Fuck For Knitting

And for those of you who are also catching planes, trains and automobiles around this time of year, I have this to say to you - the Grand Revelation of 2009:

Knitters of Australia - You May Now Knit On The Plane.

That's right - the laws have changed - no more sneaking the needles on in your pencil case, sneaking furtive looks over your shoulder to see where the damn stewardess is lest she wrest your fragile link to sanity whilst travelling out of your hands - no more half frowny looks from fellow passengers as they try to decide whether you reallycouldstabsomeoneintheneckwiththose.........

I am now ready to entertain the possibillity of international travel. Fabulous.

Rant over. I leave you with my new annual tradition - the silly Christmas Portrait. Cheers.

christmas! ha


Thursday, 3 December 2009

A little something...

In Progress - Pigeon Scarf

a work in progress.....


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

On the Impossibility of Taking Photos of Oneself......

I got some amazing socks in the mail this week, knitted for me by a beautiful Ravelry friend, and do you think I can do them justice?

Vinnlands made by Lisa

Obviously not. You'll have to take my word for it. The simple fact that someone I have never met would take the time to knit me an incredible pair of socks just blows my mind. Thanks Lisa. I love them.

I'm also making progress on the Jumper In The Works:

The Flying Arm

See my Incredible Flying Arm? Yep.

It's only an arm at this point - it has yet to find a mate, and join the body, but I'm planning a long trek home for Christmas, so there should be more to show when I get back.....

Next time, I may have to bribe The Man to humour me and take some decent damn photos.

I'm still neglecting the blog, as you can see - still trying to get used to this full-time work business..... Being a lazy student had some perks - unlimited blogging and sewing time, faffing about pretending to be learned and interesting.... sigh.....

Anyways - it's nice to be able to pay the bills for once. That is, when I'm not blowing the phone bill money on things like this:

Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Dainty Sulphur


It's from Sanguine Gryphon - in case you need to spend your 'sensible money' too.......

'til next time dears.... xxx