Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Finally, after weeks of dyeing wool in the middle of the night, I have come up with a Shop update......

Shop Update Preview!

The update will go live at 8.30 am Australian Central Standard Time on Sunday, Sept 27.

For our American friends, this is 7pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on Saturday, Sept 26 - I hope to see you all there!


In other news, time is of the essence around here - or more precisely, the lack of time...

I've gone full-time at the bartending job, as well as taking on a whole new role at the pub (booking the bands! ha!) - so by the time I make it home it's all I can do to fall on the couch, knit a bit, and stare at the television. Depressing, but true.

I'm sure the routine will even itself out soon, but for now, I'm exhausted. Which means the blog will continue to suffer, I'm afraid.

I desperately miss my blogging community, and I hope to pick it up again sooner rather than later - but for now, the boring life stuff has to come first. blech.

The flip side of this is that I've almost completed my first knitted jumper. I'll take some photos and show you when it's done - I'm inordinately proud.

Take care sweet peas,

Leah xxx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Farewell to Winter.

For a person who works with yarn, the end of Winter is a bittersweet thing.

Part of the reason I started knitting in the first place was to keep my poor bones warm - being a skinny bitch has it's disadvantages, you see, and poor circulation leads to frozen toes and chilly kidneys - all of which I sought to soothe through the wrapping of woolen things around the body......

And now, having accumulated rather a massive stash over winter, my knitting projects are finally coming to fruition:

Elizabeth Zimmermann Seamless Sweater

This is the beginning of my First. Ever. Jumper.

I am being guided through it by the pithy and hilarious Elizabeth Zimmermann, queen of the Basic Instruction and the Freedom to Improvise - just my kind of thing.....

I should share with you my hilarious project sketch:

written plan for jumper

If I can make this, then it really is true - miracles can happen.

And it'll probably be done just in time for our summer heatwave - in which case I will insist on wearing it, inside, with the air conditioning on.

Just because.

Just because achievements, however small, should be rewarded.

Now - anyone have an ideas as to what one should knit out of 1740 yards of chartruese lace weight?

WM Lacegarn - 'Frosch'

nope. me neither.