Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Shop Update!

Just letting you all know that I have updated my Shop with some new goodies:

shop update!

There are some new mix packs, some kimono and yukata pieces, some fabulous vintage barkcloth, and some other goodies, so feel free to pop in for a look....

The shop has a new look too, to match the blog, so I'm feeling updated and on top of things today!

I hope you can find something you like.....

Leah xxx

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Wiksten Tulip skirt.

My first finished clothing project for the year. It's the Wiksten Tulip Skirt from the first issue of Stitch Magazine....

Wiksten Tulip Skirt

I wore the skirt all day, and typically forgot to take a photo of it until it was dark - hence the night time photos - sorry!

Wiksten Tulip Skirt

I love this skirt - it's amazingly comfortable, and easy to make, once you get the pattern pieces traced off and organised.... I'm thinking of making another in some fancier fabrics, with in seam pockets on the sides - I'm picky about pockets in my skirts and dresses.....

Anyway, if you're thinking about making this pattern - do it! Thanks so much to Jenny for sharing....I'm so pleased to have a little bit of Jenny-genius in my wardrobe.....


Saturday, 17 January 2009


The word is out - this little book will be released on the 25th of March:

Here's the back cover view:

(click the photos to make them bigger..)

I'm so looking forward to seeing a pattern I made in print! I'm dying to share my project with you, but we'll all have to wait until the book comes out.....I am in fabulous company as well - lots of my favourite Aussie blog girls are represented as well......

Thanks so much to Pip for making this happen! You can pre order a copy here if you so desire......

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lets find out about......

Whilst op shopping the other day, I had one of those moments. You know the ones - where you idly pick up something out of vague interest, and then suddenly realise that what you're holding in your hand is pure genius - surely a gift from the thrift gods themselves......

Lets Find Out About.....

These books are from the early sixties, and have the most fabulous illustrations - I love the ones about the seasons best:

Lets Find Out About Winter

Lets Find Out About Winter

Lets Find Out About Spring

Lets Find Out About Spring

The illustrations themselves are enough to make me irrationally excited about this find, but the best part is yet to come:

Lets Find Out About Winter

At the back of each book, there is a record inside! Love it. And the records are colour coded to the cover of the book. A million types of fabulous. All for 50 cents each.

Lets Find Out About Fall

Ahhhh - this is why I spend so much of my life trawling through racks of mouldy smelling polyester chain store castoffs - those moments when you find something so perfect, so untouched, so reminiscent of another time. All for fifty cents.

Lets Find Out About Fall

It's stupidly hot here today - too hot for sewing, although I have a million things to get moving on, but instead I'm contemplating the couch, some iced tea and some Grey's Anatomy..... and maybe some surfing of all those snowy American blogs...!

'til next time, dears.... xxxx

Thursday, 8 January 2009


After a grumpy start to the year, and much listless moping about, I'm back on board.

Still not feeling terribly wordy, so it's all about photos for me for today:

Two divine packages in the mail over Christmas:

Package from Fliss @ Udder
From Fliss - thankyou!

package from Sarah @ The Small Object

and from Sarah - thankyou!

My One Quit block for November - a house as requested........

One Quilt - November

and in the post as we speak.....

A thrifted basket for the knitting:

Thrifted basket for the knitting

and a gorgeous 1950's ledger book:

Thrifted 1950's ledger

Thrifted 1950's ledger

A bit of op shopping never fails to lift the spirits..... I have another gorgeous find to share, but it's a post all of it's own.... perhaps tomorrow?

Otherwise, it Nong-making-a-rama over here right now - lots of wholesale orders to finish, and hopefully, finally, some spare ones left over to put in the shop!

Speaking of the shop, I'm hoping to re-stock the shop with new items very soon - I've been VERY slack at keeping it updated and changing the stock around, so I'm having a sale - all fabrics down to $5 AUD a metre, with the exception of the medium weight cotton drills, which are down to $10 a metre.... I really want to clear out this stock so I can do a major update, so now's the time to get some cheap fabrics......

Cool. It's good to be back.