Saturday, 23 August 2008


I'm off for a week to visit my family.

Take care, and I'll catch up with you all when I return.

Have a wonderful week!


(photo by bluecinderella)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Busy Hands.

Busy hands make pretty things, this week at Casa Hyena....

This week, a pretty wee brooch came in the mail:

Udder + Gingham + love.

From Fliss, he is the cutest. I love him. I also love the feeling of knowing that I'm wearing something someone I know has made - there's really nothing like it.

The gingham is the loveliest soft grey, and is probably destined to be a shirt. It arrived from Talk To The Wind, on Etsy this week, and I love it, too. She's having a sale right now, so you should pop in for a look.

Also, the purchase of these this week:

organising the floss

Has led to a whle lot of this:

organising the floss

I'm keeping the floss in one of those old depression glass butter dishes - a solution that will work for about a week, until I realise it's not big enough, and cave in on one of those organiser tray thingys......

I've really developed a thing for embroidery lately - I even invested in The Embroiderer's Handbook, which is a cracker of a book - lots of excellent stitches - only to realise that I really prefer to either cross stitch, or straight stitch EVERYTHING.

Not to be a snob or anything, or to diss involved embroidery, I just like the cleanness of it. So there'll be a bit of that going on here soon - I'm plotting and scheming as we speak.

I've also been a bit tardy in mentioning that I'm involved in a wee project over here - I was asked to join by an envy-inducing group of women to make a quilt block every month for a year - each for a different member of the group, including myself, and thus ending up with a block of my own specifications made by each member of the group to make a quilt of my own.

This month was Meg's turn, and she specified an all grey palette, with some kind of three dimensional element to it. On the back of my circle quilting efforts lately, I did a pared back version for her:

One Quilt - Meg's block.

Which I'm actually quite pleased with, despite my terror at cutting into the fabrics I was sent, not knowing if what I had in my head was going to work AT ALL. Scary.
Next month it's my turn, which I'm really excited about - more on that later....

And just before I go, I want to share the neckline of a shirt I made the other day:


I'm so inordinately fond of both wearing and making this style of shirt, that I may make some to sell soon. I just need a model and some decent photographs - any volunteers?

Have a good week, my dears,


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A whole lot of Random....

I've been up to some things:

Choosing fabric for an upcoming project -

selecting fabrics

Enjoying some late afternoon winter sun, which highlights the fact that the studio needs a VERY good dust -

dusty fruit

Said sunlight in said studio - and despite appearances, it's actually freezing in here -

afternoon light in the studio

There has been stitching -

Embriodery lessons

And making of quilt blocks for a group project -

One Quilt Fabrics

sneak peek

Some new shapes are being tried out -

new shape

And some new clothes, too -

Nong with doily

And as a result, the pile is growing -

Nongs in Progress

But most of all, I'm waiting. Waiting for it to be warm again.

I'm tired of hibernating.


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Shop Talk.

Ok, so after some vetting of the readers, we have ascertained that it's ok for me to talk about my shop once a week. No more.

So this week - I'm treating you to a couple of vintage aprons.

The first:

Vintage Linen Apron

Lemon yellow.

Vintage Linen Apron

Linen, with ric rac trim, and sweetheart bib and pocket.

Vintage Linen Apron

And will you just look at that applique? Eek!. It was a real stretch for me not to keep this one, let me tell you.

It's in The Shop now.

Second, we have a red number:

Vintage Linen Apron

Also linen,

Vintage Linen Apron

With machine embroidered waistband,

Vintage Linen Apron

And a grey, white and black barkcloth pocket panel - with SIX pockets! Plenty of room for wooden spoons, I tell you.....

Also in The Shop now.

That's all for now - you thought it'd be fabric, didn't you? But there's always next week.....


Leah xxx

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Thrifted Tuesday - The Best Of.....

The time is nigh for another Thrifted Tuesday..... as usual, everyone is welcome to join, and share their second-hand finds with all of us! Click on the images to be taken to the individual members' photostream.....

And on with the goods:

From solgrim - the cake plate of all cake plates:


from pitter painter, some vintage wrapping paper that I'd love to see printed on about a million other things:


misslisapee has my love for vintage tea towels in a tizz with this lot - especially the one in the centre:

tea towels

emilyaugust is one of our new members, and has won me over with her fashion stylings - especially this divine waistcoat:

wool vest

mojoandco found these gorgeous bird curtains:

Bird curtains

minecreations discovered a love for vintage crockery, all because of this one plate:

thrifted:: green plate

curdsnwhey has been jazzing up her new home on the cheap, turning a milk powder sack into a cushion:

candacejean took this beautiful photograph of her thrifted typewriter:


majamom wins quilt score of the week with this beauty:

Retro Flowers

WheresBeckybean found this brilliant apron:

vintage apron

and check out the ladies along the bottom hem!

vintage apron bottom detail

She's having a giveaway on her blog, where you can win this very apron, and some other goodies - so pop on over and enter!

sandra juto has secured my envy forever with these crockery finds:

and Prairie*Girl is joining in by finding this brilliant set, which matches my favourite coffee cup at home.... *sigh*


and just to add insult to injury, Seven Stitches has THREE vintage Cathrineholm fruit bowls! *sob*


You've got to agree, the things to be had out there in op shop land are enviable. So get out there and score some mid-century goodness or some vintage fabric or some fabulous shoes for yourself! And don't forget to boast about them to us, we'd love to see them!

On a similar note, I almost cried today when I found a perfect Cornish ware measuring jug and small mixing bowl at my local oppy, and the savvy old ladies had $120 on them. Jesus. The bargains are getting harder to find, aren't they? But the pain was mediated by a good stash of great quality patternmaking books I found for a pittance in the corner.... one of which I had been lamenting not being able to afford at Borders only two days ago.... excellent.

Til' next time, m'dears,

Leah xxx

Friday, 1 August 2008


So much gorgeousness. Sigh.

Favourites 1/8/08

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I've been very quiet on the blogging front lately. I have been making plenty of things though, and they will be shared. Mostly I've been spending my time curled up on the couch under the new quilt (from the post below - it still smells a little funky, but I don't care, really.), watching pre-recorded trashy television like Private Practice and Scrubs, and stitching away at some new Nongs that will make their debut as soon as I can get to Spotlight and buy some more stuffing.

I have a quilt tutorial in the works, as well as a Thrifted Tuesday, shop updates, and a disparaging review of a craft tool to share, but today is all about one thing at a time. And for me, right now, that one thing is a cup of tea and the latest
MixTape. Excellent.

Have a wonderful weekend, my dears.