Friday, 25 July 2008

The Quilt....

has arrived.

The Quilt

It has been lovingly (and nerve-wrackingly) handwashed,

The Quilt

and ever so gently tumble dried.

The Quilt

It needs a few stitches here and there to keep it together.

The Quilt

It's not perfect -

The Quilt

but it's damn close.

The fabrics aren't all vintage, and aren't all cotton, which is a pity, but the non-fab ones are the minority, which is good. It's still quite stinky from storage - I'm waiting for a nice sunny day to hang it out and air it, but any tips on getting rid of that vintage pong would be helpful!

I'm also thinking about replacing the binding - perhaps with a red linen, or a patchwork bias binding, but I need to mull over that for a bit.

In other news, I'm working on a bit of a shop update, and I'm trying to work out how to promote my shop without giving my readers the shits - I hate those blogs where you read for someone's personal style, and then they open a shop and all of a sudden it's shop-this, shop-that, I'm sure you know what I mean......

So I'm thinking maybe once a week maximum, I might do a swatch of the week or something, and show you a new fabric, hassle you to buy it, and then shut the hell up about it for the rest of time. Sound good? Any other ideas?

Oh, and by the way, you can get 10% off in there right now if you type in HYENA into the discount code box at checkout. Just sayin'.

And talking about enterprise and all that, I'm absolutely bowled away by the new venture some of our Melbourne Fabric Mafia ladies are up to - screen printed fabric on demand? BRILLIANT. I'm spreading the word, cause these ladies are going out on a limb to follow their creative dreams, and could do with all the support they can get. So if you're a fabric designer, or planning to be one, get on over there and follow the progress.....

Right then - that about it for me, the post office is on the list, and I'd better do it now, before it's too late..... Have a brilliant weekend everyone....


Saturday, 12 July 2008

oh, and.....

I just bought this quilt on Etsy.

oh, my.


Breakfast and Gratitude....

Today, eggs and coffee.

Breakfast Sunday

Breakfast Sunday

I love the way my ten dollar note tea towel looks, all crumpled and hanging on the stove door.

money towel

Some new photos of my fabulous niece to gush over:


And some Blogland generosity........

A pile of mushroom fabric. Sent by a gorgeous woman as a thankyou gift for a Nong she paid money for. Only in Blogland do you get thankyou gifts from customers, especially ones that remember when you said that you'd missed out on buying the mushroom fabric ages ago, when you could still get it. Thanks Jodie, you are truly a gem.

mushroom fabric from Ric Rac

On a similar note; I bought a pair of shoes from this impossibly stylish woman a few months ago, just before the birth of her gorgeous new baby girl. As an apology for daring to give birth and take some time off, she doesn't charge me postage, and jam packs the parcel full of goodies, including American lollies (already scarfed), three gorgeous headscarves, and a handmade necklace. Goodness me - what a sweetheart!

Frecklewonder goodies

And then, just as I thought the wave of goodness was over, this wee creature appeared in the mail:

OneGirl Oobee

along with a pile of gorgeous handmade cards:

cards from OneGirl

If you haven't managed to score an Oobee from Leslie yet, you really have to. They are impossibly cute and warm and cuddly in real life, and god help me if I ever have kids, because I won't want to share any of my toys with them, poor little tykes. Thanks Leslie - I love her! xxx


I am very, very spoilt. I hope you're all having a brilliant weekend.

Leah xxxx

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

New Hair.

This post is purely to inform my family what I look like now, in case they don't recognise me next time I visit.

New Hair.

I have a fringe. And it's already driving me a little batty. I hope I get used to it. And the photo is crappy cause I took it on the iSight camera. Sorry.

To come: shop update! tutorial! clothes I have sewed! yip!