Saturday, 28 June 2008

Thrifted Tuesday - The Best Of.....

Thrifted Tuesday has been op shopping up a storm in the last few weeks - if you have some fancy teacups or a crazy tea towel to share, we'd love to see them!

Some of the highlights from the last week:

solgrim found a pile of vintage pillowcases:

vintage pillowcases

moonmidwife scored these fantastic New Zealand banknote teatowels:


my grey sky contines her op shopping brilliance with these cute lidded pots:

thrifted dish

and this great glass and trivet:

thrifted glass & trivet

damselfly58 found a sweet vintage deer brooch:

deer brooch

and this owl fabric!

Hoo (t) goes there?

pitter painter hit the jackpot of vintage trims:

thrift trim

curdsnwhey continues her quest to find everything I would love to own myself with this amazing coat:

and finally, *Skruddevutt* found this fabulous tin:


* As always, click on the photos to go to the members' photostream! *

Thanks for playing guys - and if any of you have a garage sale, make sure to tell me so I can stalk your house in the dark of the dawn, armed with a flashlight and a wad of cash! heh!

Friday, 27 June 2008


favourites 27/6/08

1. 186/365: OM NOM NOM, 2. ten things :: goldenrod, 3. Feet That Need Tickling, 4. ready for the study, 5. after work snack, 6. Kunsthal Revisited, 7. sneakers and decisions, 8. mama mia, 9. Mending Yoga Blankets, 10. opera singing kitty, 11. introducing!, 12. At the castle, 13. red orange, 14. Eden fridge wall, 15. (short) leafy pull, 16. trying something new - patchwork, 17. splish splash, 18. Spirits, 19. oh pens., 20. IMG_7362, 21. sick leopard, 22. b r e a t h e

So much gorgeousness in the world - sorry if this took forever to load - I can't bear to make a smaller mosaic because the photos look so good in a bigger size!

Thanks so much to everyone who visited my little shop yesterday - I have a pile of orders ready to be wrapped and shipped, and the Monster Stash is steadily decreasing in size!

There's still so much more fabric to be had - I'll be uploading some new things during the week, so please keep popping in!

I'm also planning a big vintage update sometime in the future - with aprons and tablecloths and crockery and stuff, so I'll give you a heads up when that's happening...

I finished the binding on my circle quilt yesterday, and I'm working on a tutorial as we speak - I think it's a good project for those kinds of people (like me) who can't get their heads around the idea of quilting an entire quilt - let alone by hand!

Circle Quilt

Sewing the circles down doesn't feel like quilting, but ends up having the same effect - which is nice to know if you're an impatient sort (again, like me).

But before that happens, I have a weekend full of pouring beers and trying to educate the masses about microbreweries and single malt whisky. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Shop is Open!

Pop in and have a look!

You can find it here:

Hyena In Petticoats - a Madwomans Teashop for the Fabrically Inclined

Hopefully I'll see you there!

Leah xxx

(photo from mmdesignoffice)



This is us, hooning through the hills this weekend in the Mini - just check out that road! I'm usually pretty good in cars, but by the end even I was feeling a little bit sick......

Today was pretty low-key - I'm still recovering from my 'flu, and I get tired out easily, but I did manage to squeeze 9in some op shopping amongst the sitting around, drinking tea and knitting.....

thrifted jumble

There's a Goodwill near me that always has excellent fabrics, and today I was lucky enough to get in there on delivery day, so I spent a happy half an hour scrounging through two massive bags of fabric - this is most of it, jumbled up on the floor ready for washing - I scored loads of lightweight denim, some cotton prints and seersucker, some fleece for hoodies, and quite a few hilarious vintage interlocks - all for $10!

Lucky I'm about to open a fabric shop - I need to get rid of practically my whole stash just to make room for this lot!

Speaking of the shop - just a last minute clarification - all the prices in my shop are now in Australian Dollars - I finally found the button in Big Cartel that allows you to change currencies (silly me), so now everything will be a bit cheaper - lucky for you!

All systems are ready for the big opening tomorrow - I hope to see you all there at 3 o'clock!

If the maintenance page is up when you wander over, never fear - it's just me getting the shop ready in the background so everything can be ready spot on time.

Until then, my dears,

Leah xxx

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A Grand Opening, and the end of the 'Flu.....

After about five solid days of feeling very sorry for myself, I am finally on the mend, and able to lift my head to the internets again.....

as a result, I am pleased to announce the opening of my new online shop!

shop opening!

You can find the shop by clicking here: Hyena In Petticoats

I have tried to make the opening time good for most of our global friends, though it is very difficult to please everyone - if you need to find out the local time for you, you can do it using this calculator:

World Clock Converter

My location is Australia - South Australia - Adelaide. (CST - Central Standard Time)

Hopefully I'll see you all there!


Leah xxx

Thursday, 19 June 2008


photo by delinion

I've got the 'Flu.

And before I devolve into a primordial ooze monster, I thought I'd let you all know that I'll be back next week.

I had plans for tutorials and shop openings, but it's all on hold for now....

I hope you all have a gorgeous, sniffle free weekend....

Leah xxx

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Hyena In Pyjamas....

Today's title thanks to my friend Erin who was sneakily trying to find my blog, and due to the Chinese Whisper nature of information, thought I was called Hyena In Pyjamas, and showed up in my Google stats! Ha!

Hi Erin my love - and welcome to the gang of about three people in my real life who read this blog.....xxxx

NOW. Onto business.

I know I said I was going to be quiet this week, but I can't help myself. I've been slaving away in the background here on a wee secret project (in fact, I still am), but I wanted to give you a sneak preview.

My Stash. It has become untenable. After at least ten years of collecting fabric, the time has come for me to face the facts and concede that I am simply not going to use all of it. Now I could just keep it anyway as a historical collection or whatever, but frankly, I'd prefer to share the love.



Hyena In Petticoats: A Madwomans teashop for the fabrically inclined has been born over at Big Cartel.

All the fabrics are marked 'Coming Soon' at the moment, as I haven't finished uploading everything yet, but I'll be having a big opening party, don't you worry about that. And I'll be sure to give you all plenty of notice to get your shopping fingers ready.....

In the meantime, here's a wee mosaic of the kinds of fabric you can expect:

Shop Preview

This isn't all of it - in fact there is so much fabric that it kind of scares me, but this is a bit of a sample so you can see what it will be like.

Most fabrics will be sold by the metre (100cm) and there are some large one-off pieces, as well as scrap bags, fat quarters and the like.

I only have space for 25 items in the shop, so I'll be adding new items as things sell out, so hopefully there'll always be something new for you to see!

Anyways, forgive my relentless spruiking, but please pop in for a look!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Thrifted Tuesday - The Best Of.....

Thrifted Tuesday is op shopping up a storm lately..... you should go and check it out!

Some of the highlights from the last couple of weeks:

bitsandbobbins found this gorgeous silk dress:

thrifted silk dress

katiecrackernuts hit the jackpot with this vintage mixmaster - complete with a set of two bowls....

Ray of Sunbeam

kittys kaboodle found a marvellous stash of old Pooh books:

pooh books

check out the HUGE haul from boobook!

op shopping loot

tannie annie found this sweet daisy tray:

wonderful tray

poetic mama scored one of those gorgeous tiered sewing baskets - full of notions!

Sewing Basket

curdsnwhey has some pyrex love going on....

the.story.girl found some striped fabric I love - ten yards for ten dollars!

Pretty Stripes

elsiemarley hit the jackpot with this magnificent wooden toy piano:


and last, but not least; Nora J S found this sweet vintage suitcase:

and this brilliant coffee pot:

Don't forget: anyone is welcome to join and share thier op shopping finds with us, and you can click on the individual photos to go to that members' photostream.....

Thanks for playing, guys!


Thursday, 12 June 2008

Photo Week....

Some baking....


Some quilting.... (tutorial to come)....


And some scanning of the old family photos.....

G&D wedding.jpg

This is my Mum and Dad's wedding - 8 Feb, 1969.

More to come.....

Leah xxx

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

if all nings are nangs, and all nangs are nongs, are all nings nongs?

From now on I think I'll take all my blog titles from my google keywords stats. So much better than anything I could come up with.

I'm thinking I might go a bit quiet for a while - maybe I'll do that thing where I only post photos for a week or something..... not feeling too wordy around these parts - and I think maybe I need to do a bit less chat and more 'do', if that makes any sense?

I have a few wholesale orders to make, and I'm finally getting myself into the challenge of tackling my VERY neglected garden, and trying to wrestle some herbs out of it. Or something. Maybe I'll just mow the paddock. (it doesn't qualify as a lawn).

But before I go al silent-y, here's some stuff from the last few days:

Genius in Balaclava.

My favourite photo from my visit home. This sums up my niece perfectly. Gorgeous, and on the move. And kitted out in balaclava just purchased from the op shop by Aunty Leah. Love it.

Mt Lofty

We did a bit of Staycationing yesterday, and drove the Mini up to the top of a mountain here in Adelaide that looks over the city - I'd never been up there before, and we got there at exactly the right time, sun setting and gorgeous, though bloody freezing! There was fog settling in in the air around us, but it was gorgeous - makes me think I should get out and about more often, and do those dorky touristy things. I mean, thousands of people do these things for a reason, right?

Mt Lofty


I love this photo. It makes the mini look like it's going really fast, when actually, its top speed on those hills is about 50 km/ph.

And here is the WIP - it's another quilt, and I'll more of it to show very soon. Maybe even a tutorial?


Anyways, enough from me - I'll do a Thrifted Tuesday soon, and photos throughout the week..... stay tuned....


Saturday, 7 June 2008

Shakedown 1979

*community service announcement - the mosaic below contains David Lee Roth. Consider yourself warned. *

My creation

1. 1979-girls, 2. Huntingdon Street 28, 3. Asilomar 1979 #08, 4. Asilomar 1979 #00, 5. Eastville Park, Bristol 1979, 6. 1979 Pedestrian Parade (Detail), 7. Dave Lee Roth of Van Halen at Rainbow Theatre London 1979, 8. Disco at my Bar Mitzvah - 1979, 9. 1979, 10. Picking The Daily Double: 1979

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Can't remember who started this idea - but a mosaic of photos from the year of my birth seems appropriate, seeing I've spent the last week going through old family photos with my mum.....

Some of them I've decided to scan and make copies for the family - I'll share them as I do it, there's some crackers in there, and I think it's time I ressurected the Flashback Friday posts of old....

I'm back from my visit - having spent quite a bit of time eating homemade biscuits, drinking tea, and playing with the kids, and now I'm rearranging my jet lag to get back into the swing of working nights again - please bear with me!

More to show, but for now, it's bedtime for me.

Leah xxxx