Tuesday, 27 May 2008

oh, please, everything is emotional. my face? emotional.

Todays post title comes to you from the genius of my blog stats. I found this one in the keywords section - I wonder if they found what they were looking for?

Yesterday, something strange happened. The Man calls out to me: "there's a bunny in the backyard!"

I go out, expecting to see a wild rabbit - you know, the small, brown, jumpy kind.

Instead, I see this:

The Bunny.

A big, fat, floppy fluffy domestic bunny.

Here he is, all packed up in a box, with foods for the journey to the local RSPCA.

The Bunny.

Despite comments from the carnivore friends that we should eat him, or at least name him Stu (stew, gedditt?), he is now destined for desexing, and a new home. I thought about keeping him, but christ - bunnies eat more vegetables than I do..... and I'm a vegetarian!

So after all that excitement, I'm off to Victoria for a week to visit the family, and get my dose of motherly love and neice and nephew cuddles. Nice.

I'll be back next wednesday, loaded up with country op shop finds and hopefully a new lease on life. The Winter is getting me down. Bleh.

In the meantime, please forgive me for not answering the eight million emails and comments in my inbox, and know that I love youse all. Expecting a parcel from me? In the mail tomorrow!

Have a good week m'dears,

Leah xxxx

Here's the linky love for the week:

My Cathedral Quilt pattern made it to Craft Magazine - yip!

One of my favourite Flickr Photosteams ever - check out the armpits!

If I could manage to get out of bed this early, I'd absolutely contribute to this....

Jenny's gorgeous wee girl has arrived - yay!

And Shiso Mama has a gorgeous little girl too!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Thrifted Tuesday - Best Of

This week - it's all about print and pattern over at Thrifted Tuesday.....

From curdsnwhey; a gorgeous little girls' dress:

from misslisapee, some vintage trim:


and cute vintage plates:

Bessemer plates

mel.bomba has been feeling the tea-towel love:

vintage find

vintage find

kittys kaboodle found a great pile of sewing gear:

fabric, yarn & book

and some brilliant vintage pillowcases:

more vintage pillowcases

Comfy & Cosy hit the motherload of vintage aprons this week:

Crazy Aprons

Crazy and Gingham Aprons

and last but not least - my grey sky found this beautiful clock..... *sigh*


(and don't you love those candlesticks, too?)

Feel free to come and join us - and don't forget that you can click on any of the photos to be taken to the member's photostream, and all copyright belongs to the photographers! Yip!


Small clothing update - the Built by Wendy is done, save the bottom hem, and I do like it, but I'm wondering if it looks a little like a kids' art smock? It's wet and rainy here today - no good for photos - but I'll show you all once the sun comes out again.

Oh - and I unpicked the socks already. Turns out they were 24 INCHES LONG. On 2.75 mm needles. No Way. Now I'm knitting some handwarmers instead. heh.


Thursday, 15 May 2008


Thanks so much for all the suggestions on yesterdays post - I went and got myself a Built by Wendy pattern today, and maybe I'll finally get to making one of those dresses that we bloggers have been wearing for AGES.

I think the main problem is that I know how to sew, and I'm confident in tackling most patterns - I just wish I had some pattern drafting skills so I could alter or draft my own patterns easily. Being as skinny as I am, many patterns don't fit - and I'm frustrated at not knowing exactly how to change things to be the way I want them. Gah!

Anyways, here's the promised pics of yesterdays' effort - I wanted to make an open-front shirt thing that I could wear like a cardigan over a long sleeve - this one is a little small, and I might make a slightly larger one tonight, but I'm still pleased with the cut and the fit, and it's definately progress..... we'll see.....

handmade shirt/cardigan

It's a pity you can't see the fabric better in the photos - I really love it - it has a subtle stripe, and a warm, flannel-y feel to it..... perfect for Autumn....

handmade shirt/cardigan

And see that shirt underneath? That's a second-hand H&M dress that I chopped down to make a top - if I could learn how to make a yoke like that, I'd be a very happy lady.......

Well - let see how that Built by Wendy pattern goes, shall we?

I post some progress shots tomorrow....


Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Back From The Brink....

Of madness? Perhaps.

I know I've been very quiet over here lately. Something that is markedly uncharacteristic of me, being the kind of person who can talk anyone into submission. Nattering on into the void of the internets should be fulfilling for a chatterbox like me, but lately, well, there's been some other stuff to do.

Like pour LOTS of beers for ungrateful shits. ( Don't be rude to your bartenders, folks.... we WILL blog about it! ) I've been filling in shifts for a guy at the pub who just last week delivered his third child on the bathroom floor. Now THAT would be something to blog about!

I'm also suffering from Autumn panic - trying to get the house and trash pit garden into a justifiable state for weathering out the Winter months, and attempting to sew plenty of things, which I invariably fuck up completely and throw into the corner in a hissy fit.

Why is sewing your own clothes so hard?

I did manage to make a shirt tonight, which didn't turn out too bad - the fabric is this nice deep red and black striped flannel-y cotton, lined with some soft grey cotton for a bit of contrast - unfortunately it's late at night and really dark here, so you'll get the folded picture for now:

Finished shirt

I'm really in need of some sewing-for-beginners help here..... I keep finding patterns I like, only to try them, and have them come out with the most appalling fit, or just *not quite what I envisaged* - all I really want is some basics - a nice shirt pattern, a basic dress, something along the lines of this genius woman's clothes...... any suggestions?

Anyways - enough of the wingeing, and onto the ridiculously ambitious new project!

merino cashmere from The Knittery

I bought this yarn ages ago from The Knittery - it's merino/cashmere undyed sock yarn - and it's gorgeous. And as far as I'm concerned, a bargain, too (20% cash for $18 per 100g skein).

So what better to knit with it, having never followed a knitting pattern in all my life, but a pair of socks????? (feel free to send the men in white coats......please......)

Here's the pattern - how fetching is that Lady, pondering her sock choices?

vintage socks pattern

I'm knitting the ones in the middle. Yep - those big long ones that require tiny, tiny needles and stupid amounts of patience. And lots and lots of plain knitting on those tiny needles. And did I mention the TINY NEEDLES? Jesus.

I let you know what it's like to have handknitted cashmere socks in 20 years, when I finally finish them.

And that's about it. Whingeing and impossible knitting. That's me.

Before I go, a shout out to some other crafty ladies:

MixTape zine Issue 4 is out - and features a Crafty Lady Profile of yours truly, plus cover art by Lisa Congdon, and lots of brilliant articles and bits and pieces - and only six bucks! Yip!

and the ever fabulous Holly, over at Decor8, published a list of Aussie bloggers and designers last week, and I was quite excited (to say the least) at being listed, and in such good company! I'm sure that making it onto Decor8 has to be a blogging milestone of some sort..... Thanks Holly!

Well - if you'd made it this far - thanks for putting up with my ranting on - once the cold weather kicks in completely - I'll be back in full-fledged crafting mode, so don't give up on me yet!

Cheers, m'dears,

Leah xxxxx

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Thrifted Tuesday - Best Of

Another week, another installment of the Best of Thrifted Tuesday....

Just to reiterate: ANYONE is free to join, you don't need to be invited - just click on the link above, join the group, and show us all what you found at the Op Shop!

This week, the mavens of thrifting are:

ethel-loves-fred, who found a huge stack of vintage swap cards:

vintage playing cards

katiecrackernuts, with this cute enamel mushroom bowl:

Mushroom nesting bowls

wear my stuff, with a collection of cute brooches:

misslisapee, with this crazy vintage embroidery:

needlework piece

elsiemarley, with this brilliant set of kids' chairs:

vintage kiddy chairs

and last but not least; spandexpony with the craziest shoes ever:

Sweetest boots I know

As always, click on the pictures to go to the members' photostream, and all rights belong to those who took the photos - thanks for playing, guys!

Right now I have three pairs of jeans in the dye pot and an episode of Gossip Girl to watch - pretty good activities for my only night off this week........

Leah xxx

Friday, 2 May 2008

Hyenas And Petticoats.

So I've been trolling around in my stats, looking at the keywords that people type into google, and somehow end up finding me. We've all done it, it's funny.

My new blog crush, Winona, has a brainchild called Inadvertently ask Daddy Likey dedicated to this very subject. Love it.

Anyways, here's mine:

* compulsive furniture rearranging

* hyena for sale

* trapped in house but internet still works

* blogs about laundromat

* boob crush cans - barmaid

* congrats I saw you in the paper

* wankers in petticoats (actually, if you type this into google - I AM THE FIRST ENTRY. Even before I wrote this post. )

* thrifted tea kettle

* video of someone spilling wine on a cardigan

* stealing is bullshit.

So essentially, you can learn this about me from my google stats:

I am an obsessive compulsive, who sells extremely dangerous wildlife illegally.I never go out, except to the laundromat, or to my night time job moonlighting as a stunt nude bartender for which I am famous in the local papers. I am a masturbator in crinolines who is too cheap to buy a new damn kettle, I am clumsy, drunk, and highly moralistic.

Type that into you online personality test and see what you get! Ha!

I hereby throw down the gauntlet: what do your stats say about you?

(image of the 'Gadawan Kura' (hyena men) of Nigeria courtesy of David Muro, who I found when typing 'hyena for sale' into google. The photograph is by Pieter Hugo. Incredible photographs.)