Tuesday, 29 April 2008

On Gifts and Tea Towels.....

This week has been a good week.

The postman continues his mission to bring me gifts every single day with these three brilliant packages:

From Claire, my lovely Flickr Friend, at clumsy bird, a post parcel chock full of fabric bits, as part of a swap we devised quite some time ago.....

Presents In The Post

There is so much goodness in this parcel that my worktable could barely contain it:

Presents In The Post

Thanks so much Claire - I have so many plans for these gorgeous bits and pieces.....

Secondly, another swap from the always gorgeous Brooke.....

It's a sausage dog all of my own..... though not as cute as Moca, her real life sausage dog!

Presents In The Post

Though this little man doesn't need any walking, which is probably best for me! Thanks Brooke!

Then finally, I won a competition over at Bec's Blog, and she send me this brilliant parcel:

Presents In The Post

With the cutest bag she made, plus a brooch and some fabric goodness - thanks so much Bec, I love it!

As well as having the good present luck this week, the thrift gods smiled on me once again today, bestowing some Tea Towel Magnificence upon my humble self:

Tea towel magnificence

This one not only cracks me up, but seems to have been produced by a kindergarten in a country town, which also appeals to my sense of the absurd......!

Tea towel magnificence

And this one - even if it wasn't brilliant due to being the old ten dollar note for Australia, would still be brilliant just for the novelty value of drying the dishes with a big ole piece of money. ha!

Otherwise, I'm working on a few things in the background here, some of which I hope to show soon - the afore promised photos of clothing made, plus a wee bit of a shop venture - but at the moment I'm really busy taking photographs and getting ready for said venture, so I'll have some things to show soon.

Let's just say there'll be A LOT of fabric to be had. I'm drowning under mountains of it. Something has to be done!

More to come on that later - until then, my friends,

Leah xxxx

Thursday, 24 April 2008

How to make a Small Piece of Fabric out of a Big Piece of Fabric.

Step one:

Make sure you're in a cranky mood. Felling out of sorts? Haphazard? Contrary? Excellent.

Premenstrual? Even better.

Step two:

Go to your scary Black Hole of Unfinished Objects. Grab a big bit of something that you've sewed together out of random bits of crap. Whatever you made last time you were in this frame of mind will do.

Step Three:

Hack the whole thing into three-inch squares using your rotary cutter. Try not to sever a hand.

Step Three:

Sew all the squares together in a completely arbitrary manner, paying no attention whatsoever to how it will look.

Step Four: Spray that fucker with lots of water, and iron the brains out of it. (yes, brains. If it's been in the Black Hole of Unfinished Objects for this long, you can be sure it's sentient by now.)

Step Five: admire.

Step Six: Take a photograph of it.

Step Seven: shove it right back where it came from, ready to be dragged out next time you're in a funk.


heh heh heh.


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Thrifted Tuesday - Best Of

Time for another installment of the best of Thrifted Tuesday.....

(as usual, all photos are courtesy of the individual contributors, and click on the images to see the Flickr page!)

From Bitter Bethany, a couple of sets of to-die-for vintage luggage....

The new suitcases on the block

the tower in situ

From kootoyoo, a massive pile of vintage Ladybird books:

Thrifted Ladybirds

A gorgeous parasol from sherbet tone:


wearmystuff continues her op shopping odyssey with this gorgeous plate:


And this amazing anatomical model:

Jacquie G hit the jackpot of vintage hankies:

Vintage Hankies

While pitter painter found a massive pile of stuff anyone would covet:


boobook found a big lot of vintage tea towels, including this cutie:

yellow duck - teatowel

and FamilyKeen is adding to the typewriter envy in the pool:


my grey sky found this adorable silhouette glass:


and rag grrrl scored some great knitted treasures:

knitted thrift

Looks like fun, doesn't it? If you want to come and join us, feel free to sign up!


Still nothing from me personally, I'm afraid, I'm having a bit of down time, getting some 'real world' stuff done.... I'll be back to regular trasmission soon!

Leah xxx

Dont Show-cha Your Chocha

Saturday, 19 April 2008

From the Ether.....

I know, I've been a terrible, terrible slack-arsed Blogger.

For some reason, I've slowed down a bit on the blogging front. I'm still making things, and doing whatever it is that I do, but truth is, I just can't be fucked taking photos of anything.

Perhaps it's because I've been making lots of clothes. And taking photos of clothes means taking photos of yourself. And we all know what a pain in the neck that is.

I will do it. I promise. Just not today.

In the meantime, here's a picture of my desk. Lord knows why anyone in the world would find this interesting, but it's all I've got. If you click on it, you can go to Flickr and there's notes and stuff on what everything is. Yahoo. I bet I just made your Saturday.

On My Desk

And if you haven't fallen asleep yet from the soporific power of this post, then I suggest you check out these links:


Young me/Now me

I Have a Theory

I'm sure most of these links are via my two favourite blogs-of-the-moment:



Daddy Likey

Have a great weekend.....


Saturday, 12 April 2008

Breakfast Sunday...

Breakfast Sunday

Breakfast Sunday.

Earl Grey and Susan Faludi. Delightful.
I wonder what they would have to say to each other if they ever met? Apparently (according to my Twinings box) they're up to Earl Grey the Third (actually, I got it wrong - it's the Sixth) now.

Have a good weekend -


We Demand Donuts

Clone yourself a fitting assistant (I'm so making one of these)

Postcards From Yo Momma

Friday, 11 April 2008


Five hours later, I remember the Aloe Vera plant in the bathroom.

Aloe Vera

Sweet, blessed relief.

I can't believe it took me that long to remember one of the basic rules of home-based medicine:

Aloe Vera fixes EVERYTHING.


Thursday, 10 April 2008


Chilli Burn

I know you can't even see it, but while I was cooking dinner tonight, I handled the chillis.

They were dried ones, so I thought I'd be okay, but now I have the most godawful chilli burns on my hand, which has been steadily stinging for about four hours now. Crap.

I was in the middle of this:

Nongs in Progress

But now it'll have to wait untill my stupid hand stops burning.

In the meantime, I think an ice pack and a double episode of Ghost Whisperer is in order.

(I know - trashy tv at it's finest - Jennifer Love Hewitt prancing around with those boobs in diaphanous dresses talking to the dead? Don't even think about judging me! )

More when the cripple regains her mental capacity.....

Leah xxx

Saturday, 5 April 2008

it's late.

I have things to show and say, but it's 2am and I've just arrived home from work, and there's a cup of tea calling my name..... feeling a bit out of sorts today.....

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some beauty from the internets....

Favourites 04 april 2008

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I'm thinking about starting to leave random little links at the end of my posts of things I've found - here's the first one....

Phillip Toledano photography

Friday, 4 April 2008


For those of you left wondering about what has happened regarding my earlier posts that I deleted, and the hoo hah that resulted, you can check out this post here:

I've never been so unhappy to receive toys in the mail before

I'll leave it up to Hilary to keep you updated as to what happens next.


Leah xx

Thursday, 3 April 2008


First, we have a heatwave for two weeks, then today it hailed.


Tonight at work I lit the first fire of the season. Yum.

I've been soaking the knitting needles:

soaking the needles

Why do the op shop ladies always stick the pairs together with sticky tape?

These are Archer brand needles, which seem vintage and lovely - anybody know anything about them?

Once they're done, some cashmerino handwarmers are planned.

I'm reading, and drinking tea, as well:

tea and de bernieres

Peppermint, and Louis de Bernieres, if you're curious.

I've been reading a lot lately. I joined the Borders mailing list and I've been using the discount coupons like crazy. Pity the craft section is so shit. I have a Jeanette Winterson waiting for me, and a couple of random Pride and Prejudice sequels that I'm loving, despite the fact that they're quite rude - Darcy and Elizabeth seem to spend most of their time shagging, as far as I can tell..... ! Just to balance it out, I'm a quarter of the way through Sense and Sensibility - the original, thankyou very much.

I love Jane Austen - I think she's fucking hilarious - she's about the only classic I'll touch - the others bore me to tears.

That's about it - just wanted to touch base and say hello.

Before I go - does anyone know how many sizes you should draft up if you're converting a stretch pattern to regular fabric? I have some great 70's patterns for knit fabrics that I want to convert so I can make them out of regular cottons/linens.....any tips?

Cheers, m'dears....

Leah xxxx

* oh, and in case you were wondering, I deleted the previous post after a bit of a shitstorm where Carly was being hassled way more than necessary. She has deleted her original post, and I thought I should follow suit. xxxx *